Iran refuses to negotiate with Trump

Iran will not hold negotiations with U.S. President Donald Trump after his decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with the country, said official government representative Mohammad Bagher Nobakht.

Commenting on the request of several Iranian politicians to begin negotiations with the U.S., Nobakht stressed that there is no logic in this, but he did not rule out a dialogue with other countries.

“We never negotiate when it comes to national security issues, but dialogue remains one of the tools of our politics,” Fars News Agency quoted him as saying.

He also stated that the nuclear deal was concluded on the basis of negotiations, and the one who violated the obligations connected with those negotiations is not trustworthy.

Meanwhile, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Iranian government initiated the creation of a board to “confront U.S. psychological war and American propaganda.” The decision to establish the board was made during a meeting of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, chairman of the Iranian Majlis (parliament) Ali Larijani, and head of the judicial system Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani.

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