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  • Tehran threatens Poland with diplomatic consequences for 'anti-Iranian conference'

    Iran is intensifying its diplomatic pressure on Poland in connection with an international conference in Warsaw on the future of the Near East and security policy in the region. On Sunday, January 13, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif called the conference a “circus” and an “expression of political confusion”.

    “This conference is a hostile initiative of the US, directed against Iran, and Tehran expects Poland to refuse to hold this event,” DPA cites Zarif as saying.

    Otherwise, Zarif …

  • Turkey wants to invite Russia and Iran to monitor withdrawal of US troops from Syria

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu spoke about the need to exercise joint control with Russia and Iran over the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria. 

    “The United States faces some difficulties withdrawing the US troops from Syria. We want to coordinate this process together with Russia and Iran, with whom we have been working in the framework of the Astana process,” the minister said as reported by NTV TV channel. The Foreign Minister spoke about the need for coordination to prevent …

  • Erdogan to visit Russia in January

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning to visit Russia to hold negotiations with his colleague Vladimir Putin, Anadolu Agency reported, without any official confirmation.

    According to the news agency, the heads of state will discuss the situation in Syria and the contract for Ankara’s purchase of S-400 anti-air missile systems from Russia.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov later confirmed that preparations are being made for the presidents to meet, Interfax reports. “The leaders …

  • Russia threatens to retaliate if US deploys missiles in Europe

    Russia will respond if the US deploys nuclear missiles which are prohibited by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in Europe, warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as reported by Interfax. 

    Lavrov said he “regrets European countries’ refusal to support the preservation of the treaty”. 

    “Our European colleagues… are not yet ready and follow the US even in cases where it clearly goes against their own interests,” he remarked. 

    “All of the EU voted against our proposal [ …

  • Gazprom CEO: Nord Stream 2 will be operational by January 2020

    Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller is convinced that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will start supplying Europe with gas by January 1, 2020, Interfax reports. 

    “We are working according to the plans that were approved from the very beginning. The planned start for gas shipments is January 1, 2020,” Miller said. 

    Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin also said that he is prepared to work no matter how the situation develops with the US. 

    “We are working constantly under these circumstances. Our job is risk management,” …

  • Putin is ready for dialogue with Trump

    On Sunday, December 30th, the Kremlin press service reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin in a New Year’s message to his American counterpart Donald Trump confirmed Moscow’s openness to have a dialogue with Washington. 

    “In a congratulatory message to the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, with Christmas, and New Year holidays in tow, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russian-American relations are critical to ensuring strategic stability and international security …

  • European Commission: construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline is hard to stop

    US President Donald Trump’s criticism of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is not a reason to stop the project, stated European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Günther Oettinger on December 28. He said that any attempts to prevent the construction will encounter serious opposition as the construction is already underway. 

    Trump criticized Berlin for supporting the $11 billion gas pipeline. In July, he accused Germany of being Moscow's “hostage” because of the …

  • Volker: Russia needs a pretext for aggression in Ukraine 

    Russia needs a pretext for aggression in Ukraine, US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker told TSN.Tyzhden in an interview. 

    According to Volker, the US used to think it was unlikely that Russia was set on aggression in Ukraine, but in the wake of the Kerch Strait incident, it will be necessary to reconsider the realistic probability that there may be new aggression from Russia. 

    “We must do everything we can to stop it from coming to this. We must do everything to prevent this …

  • Kremlin: Russia does not have to demonstrate its 9M729 missile to the US to preserve Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    The elimination of weapons prohibited within the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) had been completed in 2000, said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov  in the interview with Kommersant.

    According to Ryabkov, the United States tried to get rid of certain restrictions of the treaty that they deemed unfavorable for them, and that Russia believes that Washington intends to withdraw from the INF Treaty at any cost. When asked, why Moscow did not simply demonstrate the 9 …

  • Media: Russia is trying to include China in the negotiations on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    Russia has asked China to take part in negotiations on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, reported Nikkei, citing sources familiar with the situation.

    According to the news agency, the proposal was given in October, and “apparently, Beijing did not reject this idea.”

    A source close to the Russian government told the agency that Russian president Vladimir Putin might have touched on the topic of inviting China to the negotiations in a short conversation with US President Donald Trump in …