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  • Media: Russia will help Iran to evade US sanctions

    Russia will help Iran to create a mechanism that would help Iran to evade United States sanctions, stated an article published on the portal The author, Dana Weiss claimed her source was a secret document from the Foreign Ministry of Israel.

    The material states that Iran will supply crude oil to refineries in Russia and then the black gold will be sent to the international market as Russian oil. Weiss wrote that the mechanism of evading American sanctions was approved by the …

  • Media: Russian S-300 systems in Syria to be operated by Iranian specialists

    The S-300 anti-air missile systems which Russia has sent to Syria will be operated by Iranian specialists, a source connected to US and Israeli intelligence told DEBKAfile.

    The Israeli military intelligence website notes that Russia was clearly planning to let Iranians operate the anti-air defense system all along, since it sent Syria S-300PMU-2 systems, exactly the same model which Iran received from Russia in 2016. Iranian operators are currently being transferred to Syria.

    Russia chose to …

  • Russia deploys troops and S-300 missile systems to Syrian Deir ez-Zor as Iran leaves the area

    After the forces of Bashar Al-Assad and his allies took control of several areas in Deir ez-Zor province, Iran has attempted to strengthen its military and religious presence in the area.

    However, according to the Euphrates Post which reports on the developments in the area, pro-Iranian militias withdrew from their bases in the cities of Mayadin and Abu Kamal while Russian troops have moved in these areas.  Euphrates Post reports that the Russian military arrived on Saturday along with their …

  • Israel claims that Hezbollah with the help of Iran is creating missile factories in Lebanon

    The Israeli military claims that the Hezbollah is attempting to build infrastructure in Beirut to improve surface-to-surface missiles and develop them into guided missiles. The Israel Defense Force press service published photos on Thursday, taken from the air over several districts in the Lebanese capital and provided commentary to the photos.

    “For over a year the Hezbollah is trying to build infrastructure to convert surface-to-surface missiles into precision-guided missiles in the area of …

  • Il-20 crash will not affect Israeli strategy in Syria

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it is not responsible for the destruction of the Russian Il-20 reconnaissance plane and did not use the plane as cover during its attack on Syria, Interfax reports.

    “Israel’s fighters did not hide behind the Russian plane, and were in Israeli air space when the plane crashed,” the IDF’s official statement reads.

    The situation surrounding the downing of the Il-20 over Syria will not change Israel’s plans to make air raids against the pro-Iranian …

  • Israel blames Syria for the destruction of Russian Il-20

    The press service for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that Israeli aircraft attacked a military facility in the area of Syrian Latakia on the night of September 18th. According to the IDF, from this facility objects were to be transported to Lebanon for Iran and Hezbollah productions of weapons.

    According to the preliminary results of the IDF investigation, the downing of Il-20 was a result of Syrian air defense inaccurate attacks. At the time the missiles that downed the Il-20 were …

  • Iran threatens to restore uranium enrichment

    Iran would to restore uranium enrichment if Europe supports US sanctions, stated the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in an interview for Der Spiegel.

    Zarif claims that the European Union did not respond appropriately to the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement.

    “Europeans and other signatories must act to compensate for the consequences of US sanctions,” he said and stressed that first of all this concerns the banking system and oil business.

    In the event of a violation of …

  • Kremlin: Russia, Iran, and China will develop a defense against US sanctions

    The Russian Foreign Ministry intends to develop together with Iran, China, and other governments an “echeloned defense” against US sanctions,  stated Russian deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

    “We see the readiness and determination of the Iranians to keep JCPOA functional (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to resolve the situation around the Iran nuclear deal). There is an understanding that keeping this agreement is in the interests of all …

  • Russia launches massive airstrike on Idlib

    Russian and Syrian government aircraft launched a massive airstrike on Syria’s Idlib province. According to preliminary information, the planes released several dozens of bombs. At least four civilians have been killed, including two children, according to reports from local monitoring groups.

    According to the media, this was the most powerful airstrike in the last month. It took place the day after negotiations on the situation in Idlib which were attended by the presidents of Iran, Turkey …

  • Iran believes that together with Russia it has a chance of 'deterring the US'

    During his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, said that Iran and the Russian Federation can together hold back the US, reported the Fars agency.

    Khamenei said that Russia and Iran can have a mutual cooperation on global issues, one of which is the deterrence of the United States. Accoring to Khamenei, "America represents a danger to humanity".

    As an example of the threat, he cited the situation in Syria and other Arab countries after the “Arab …