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  • Tehran threatens Poland with diplomatic consequences for 'anti-Iranian conference'

    Iran is intensifying its diplomatic pressure on Poland in connection with an international conference in Warsaw on the future of the Near East and security policy in the region. On Sunday, January 13, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif called the conference a “circus” and an “expression of political confusion”.

    “This conference is a hostile initiative of the US, directed against Iran, and Tehran expects Poland to refuse to hold this event,” DPA cites Zarif as saying.

    Otherwise, Zarif …

  • Ukraine and Iran exchange prisoners

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko pardoned Iranian citizen Ali Dzhaduey to enable his exchange for Ukrainian sailor Andriy Novichkov, stated Deputy Foreign Minister Serhiy Kyslytsya at a press conference at the Boryspil International Airport.

    “The Iranian citizen who has been pardoned by the President’s decree is already in his country. We went there earlier, at 12 a.m.,” he said. The Iranian, a graduate student at a Kharkiv university, was sentenced to 11 years in prison in June 2018 for …

  • Armenia considers buying Iranian gas instead of Russian

    Acting Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that the authorities of the country will discuss the possibility of purchasing gas from Iran.

    He said that Armenia will simultaneously hold negotiations with the Russian side to find the most profitable solution.

    At present, Armenia is not satisfied with the sharp increase in the price of Russian gas that will cost $ 165 per thousand cubic meters instead of the previous price, $150, starting from 2019.

    “The issue of supplying Iranian gas is …

  • US Treasury blocks sale of Russian aircraft to Iran

    The US Treasury Department refused to issue an export certificate for the sale of Russian aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 to Iranian airline companies. The US Treasury substantiated the ban by stating that more than 10% of the aircraft parts are manufactured in the US.

    Iran has entered into a preliminary agreement on the purchase of 40 SSJ aircraft for local Aseman Airlines and Iran Air Tours from Russia. Tehran stated that in the absence of US approval, the delivery of aircraft is out of the …

  • Russia and Iran to hold joint military exercises in the Caspian Sea

     The commander of the Iranian Navy, Hossein Khandazi stated that Russia and Iran will hold joint naval exercises in the Caspian Sea, reported Iranian television channel Press TV.

    Khandazi said that the purpose of the exercises is to increase the level of strategic and tactical cooperation between the two countries at sea. According to him, the exercises will include the development of tactical and rescue operations, as well as combat missions in the fight against sea piracy.

    It is reported …

  • Russia calls Israel's air strikes on Iranian military bases ‘a flagrant violation of Syria's sovereignty’

    In a statement published on Russian Foreign Ministry’s website, the Kremlin stated that the attacks by Israeli warplanes in the vicinity of Damascus are a "flagrant violation of the sovereignty" of Syria, as well as the provisions of the UN resolution.

    "We are extremely concerned about both the fact of the strikes and the way they were carried out. This is a flagrant violation of Syria's sovereignty and the provisions of UN Security Council resolutions, including resolution 1701, " the …

  • Netanyahu: Israel prepared to act in Syria after US withdrawal 

    If needed, Israel is prepared to expand the scope of its military operations in Syria following the withdrawal of US troops, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as reported by the Jerusalem Post. 

    According to Netanyahu, Israel’s policy is intended to weaken Iran’s influence on its neighbor, Syria. “The decision to remove the 2,000 American soldiers from Syria will not change our consistent policy: we will continue to oppose Iran’s attempts to establish military bases in Syria, and …

  • US may impose new sanctions on Russia for attempting to influence US voters 

    Foreigners were unable to interfere with the counting of votes during Congress’s interim elections, but several countries did conduct cyber operations against the US ahead of the elections. 

    According to a report published by US National Intelligence on December 21, these countries were Russia, China and Iran, which attempted to influence voters’ opinions by spreading misinformation on popular social networks. 

    US National Intelligence Director Dan Coats said that these campaigns were …

  • Russia joins in sanctions against Iran

    Rosneft has decided not to participate in the oil extraction projects in Iran that were announced last year, anticipating $30 billion in investments and the production of 55 million tons of oil per year.

    The strategic projects concerning a range of oil and gas deposits that were put on the road map and signed at the end of last year have now been put on the shelf due to US sanctions, Vedomosti reports, citing senior managers in the Russian state company.

    According to one of the managers, …

  • Russia offers Israel and US deal to get Iran out of Syria

    At a closed session of the Knesset’s foreign affairs and defense committee, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Moscow had offered the US and Israel a deal: Iran will withdraw its armed divisions from Syria in exchange for an easing of sanction pressure on Russia,reported Channel Ten of Israeli TV, citing members of the Knesset.

    According to MPs who attended the committee session, Netanyahu said that Russia had proposed a plan to have Iranian forces withdraw from Syria in …