Iran believes that together with Russia it has a chance of 'deterring the US'

During his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, said that Iran and the Russian Federation can together hold back the US, reported the Fars agency.

Khamenei said that Russia and Iran can have a mutual cooperation on global issues, one of which is the deterrence of the United States. Accoring to Khamenei, "America represents a danger to humanity".

As an example of the threat, he cited the situation in Syria and other Arab countries after the “Arab Spring.” He also added that despite attempts to influence the situation in these countries, the US “suffered total defeat.”

In addition, Khamenei mentioned that in his experience, the cooperation with the Russian Federation is outstanding. “This has been an experience, highlighting the true meaning of mutual cooperation,” the Iranian leader said.

Ruhani stated that Iran intends to keep a presence in Syria and does so at the request of Damascus.

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