Media: Generators produced by German concern MAN shipped to Crimea

The Crimean Zaliv factory, which was unable to purchase equipment from the Finnish company Wärtsilä on account of EU sanctions, has acquired generators produced by the German concern MAN.

This was reported by RBC with reference to a source familiar with materials relating to the Russian Ministry of Transport (the client for the ship being built at the Zaliv factory). The information was confirmed by a partner of several Russian ship construction companies.

The diesel generators are intended for the construction of a emergency rescue vessel costing 2.79 billion rubles.

A representative of MAN Diesel & Turbo (the subdivision of MAN that produces maritime equipment) told RBC that the company is not aware that its generators are being used at the Zaliv shipyard. “We are not participating and have not participated in any current or recent projects with the Zaliv factory,” he said, adding that MAN has not shipped any generators to Zaliv “in the last ten years”.

The representative of the German concern said that the current sanctions prohibit the shipment of generators to Crimean companies, and their use in Crimea. “We strictly adhere to these instructions,” he said.
The representative admitted that Zaliv may be using equipment which was built for other ships, but remarked that “MAN is unable to control or know about this”.

The Russian Ministry of Transport commissioned the construction of a 4 megawatt emergency rescue ship in 2015 from the only supplier – the Zelenodolsk Plant named after A. M. Gory (part of the Ak Bars group). According to information published by Korabel and Port News, this ship is under construction at the Kerch Zaliv shipyard.

Sources told RBC that during the construction of the ship, the Crimean shipyard encountered problems acquiring generators on account of sanctions. The Finnish company Wärtsilä refused to supply two diesel generators due to the EU sanctions on Crimea. This was confirmed by a representative from Wärtsilä.

The emergency rescue vessel is being constructed from the budget as part of the Federal Target Program, and will cost 2.79 billion rubles. A total of four such vessels have been built in Russia, all of them at the Nevsky Shipyard in the Leningrad province. Equipment produced by Wärtsilä is used in these ships. Aside from building and renovating ships, the Zaliv shipyard is also producing special metalwork for the Crimean bridge.

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