EU diplomats warned about Russian and Chinese spies in Brussels

The European Union External Action Service (EEAS) warned European diplomats and military about espionage by Russian and Chinese intelligence services, Die Welt reported with a reference to diplomats and the data of the EEAS.

According to the European Union External Action Service, there are about 250 Chinese and 200 Russian spies in Brussels. Diplomats told the newspaper that they have been warned against visiting certain places, in particular, a cafe near the European Commission (Berlaymont) and the EEAS building.

With a reference to data from external security services, Die Welt reported that Russian and Chinese agents work in Brussels mainly in embassies and trade missions of their countries. The newspaper claims that attaches accompanying diplomats from third countries at receptions at embassies are often undercover agents.

According to Die Welt, in addition to Russian and Chinese spies, there are also agents from Morocco and the United States in Brussels.

Earlier, the United States accused the Chinese company Huawei of spying. The US Justice Department believes that the company was engaged in industrial espionage in the United States and committed fraud, trying to circumvent sanctions against Iran.

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