Erdogan to discuss with Putin presence of Assad's army in Northern Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that he will discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin the deployment of the Syrian army in a "security zone" in Northern Syria.

Urgent talks between Putin and Erdoğan on further steps in the region are scheduled for the next week in Sochi, reports Voice of America.

Erdoğan warned that Ankara would continue to "implement its plans in Syria" if Turkey and Russia fail to agree on any further steps.

The Turkish authorities, after talks with the United States on October 17, agreed to suspend military operations in Syria for five days for Kurdish militants to leave the "security zone."

Speaking at an event in Turkey's Kayseri Province, Erdoğan also warned that Turkey would "crush the heads" of Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria if they don't leave the "security zone" within 120 hours.

Earlier, it was reported that Turkey and the Kurds exchanged accusations of violating the ceasefire.

On October 9, the Turkish military Operation Peace Spring started in Syria. More than 130 thousand people became refugees as a result of the Turkish military operation.

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