During next meeting Netanyahu intends to tell Putin that Israel will not tolerate Iran's presence in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to tell Russian President Vladimir Putin during talks in Moscow on July 11 that the Israel will not tolerate the presence of Iranian forces in Syria. Netanyahu's statement has been published by office on Sunday.

"Next week, I am going to Moscow for an important meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sometimes we meet to provide security coordination and, of course, to discuss events in the region. In the course of the meeting I will explain two fundamental principles of Israel's policy. First, we will not tolerate the military presence of Iran and its proxies in any area of Syria. Secondly, we will demand that Syria, as well as the Syrian army, strictly abide by the 1974 agreement on the Separation of Forces, " Netanyahu said.

"I also maintain constant contact with the American administration. These ties with the two great Powers [Russia and the U.S.] are very important for the security of Israel, especially now,"-added Netanyahu, whose statements circulated it Office.

Earlier spokesman of the Israeli government, Anna Jonathan-Leus said that Netanyahu would visit Moscow for talks with Putin on July 11. The leaders of the Russian Federation and Israel have met twice this year. The previous time the Israeli prime minister visited the Russian capital was on May 9.  He attended the Victory Day Parade. Before that, the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Israel met in Moscow on January 29.

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