Czech Republic denies entry to an employee of Russian Foreign Ministry

A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry was denied entry to The Czech Republic, RBC news agency reported, citing the Russian embassy in Prague. The unnamed diplomat was a member of the delegation that arrived to participate in the meeting of the intergovernmental commission. The Russian was informed of the refusal at the airport in Prague, on March 4.

The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic stated that Prague’s steps were unfriendly and inconsistent with the nature of relationship between two countries. Diplomats stressed that those steps would “not remain unanswered”.

The Czech portal DenikN wrote earlier about an incident, citing high-level sources in the government. At the meeting of the intergovernmental commission, the Russian delegation was headed by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Denis Manturov.

DenikN reported, citing one of its sources that the Russian was denied entry “because of security reasons”. He has been on the list of undesirable persons for several years. The interlocutor added that this Russian, according to Prague, is an intelligence officer. The Czech Foreign Ministry refused to provide any comments. 

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