Zelensky's team publishes video petition to dissolve Ukrainian parliament

President-elect of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky’s team uploaded a video petition to the administration’s official YouTube channel asking Ukrainians if they approve of the Verkhovna Rada’s work. The presenter noted that currently, Ukrainians have a confidence level of “no more than 4%” in their parliament.

“Together we are creating a video petition aimed at the president. If this video gains more than one million views, it will catch the president’s attention,” Zelensky’s team said on a Telegram channel.

Zalensky’s administration announced that key administrative changes will take place among Ukraine’s political elite after the inauguration. According to Zelensky's adviser Alexander Danilyuk, the elected president intends to review Petro Poroshenko’s recent staff changes. He noted that Zelensky invented his own system for making appointments to the governing bodies of the country.

The date of Zelensky’s inauguration has not been determined. The elected leader himself suggested that the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Andriy Parubiy, hold a ceremony on May 19 in order to avoid a “power vacuum”. The Rada will meet on May 14 to conclusively decide when the inauguration is to take place.

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