Zelensky: Putin will not survive another 10 years of war with Ukraine

Russian president Putin will not survive another 10 years of full-scale war against Ukraine, because he is no longer an influential political figure either inside Russia or abroad, said Ukrainian President olodymyr Zelensky in an interview with the Brazilian news agency Globo.

The journalist asked the Ukrainian President a question about the war that the Russian Federation has been waging in Syria for more than 10 years, and asked "whether the same thing can happen to Ukraine that happened to Syria."

"It can't. Putin will not live that many years. And he did not fight in Syria at the pace he is fighting with us," Zelensky said, stressing that he does not underestimate or devalue the suffering of Syrians who lost property, relatives and friends during the hostilities.

"Any war is a terrible grief and tragedy. Even if it goes for three days. Someone will lose everything in these three days," Zelensky said.

"I don't think the world is united around the Syrian tragedy. And I think it was a mistake. And it's always a big mistake when the world believes that the war is somewhere far away," he added.

"Putin will not survive it. In thirty years, he will be gone, he will die. This is clear. He will not survive another ten years. He is not the same figure already," the Ukrainian President said.

According to Zelensky, all today's actions of the Russians on the battlefield indicate that Russia is not capable of occupying Ukraine and destroying Ukrainians.

"Their goals are the same, but deep down they all realize that they are not capable of this," Zelensky said, stressing that Ukraine has become stronger than Russia thanks to the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian people.

Zelensky did not rule out that Russia could again try to occupy more Ukrainian territories. To do this, it needs time. It needs to accumulate resources, get rid of the sanctions and get political support at least somewhere in the world. The only thing is that Ukraine must not do anything at this time.

"But Ukraine will not be silent all this time. Ukraine will act," Zelensky assured.

Zelensky noted that the Ukrainian people are now going through significant hardships and sufferings. According to him, the war generation has been formed, and the people who remained to live in Ukraine, despite the constant danger, are its core.

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