Yanukovych offers to help Zelensky to ‘unite’ Ukraine

On the sixth anniversary of the Euromaidan Revolution, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych published a message addressed to the new government.

The statement appeared on the Facebook page of his lawyer, Vitaliy Serdyuk. Yanukovych himself fled Ukraine in 2014.

Yanukovych said that he is happy that former president Petro Poroshenko, who had ruled Ukraine since the revolution in 2014, has been “removed” from power.

According to the ex-president, the new head of state Volodymyr Zelensky has been given a chance to “unite the country”, and his first steps have brought hope of peace, justice and stability.

Yanukovych expressed willingness to assist Zelensky, who needs “allies and competent doers”.

“I will do all I can to ensure that the country does not miss out on this hope, and that peace and stability come to our land,” the ex-president said in his message.

  Yanukovych, Zelensky, Ukraine


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