Special Representative for Ukraine Volker sees no point in US joining the Normandy format

In an interview with ZN.ua, US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that he sees no point in the US joining the Normandy format.

"Berlin and Paris use their capabilities within the framework of the Minsk process to discuss specific details: where the ceasefire line should lie; how, where and when heavy weapons should be withdrawn; how to counteract escalation in specific hot spots, etc. These are certainly important things. However, the direct participation of the US, I think, would not add anything when dealing with these issues," he said.

According to Volker, the task of the US is different - to focus Russian President Vladimir Putin on a strategic solution to the problem.

"So that he [Putin] focuses on deciding whether he wants to get out of this impasse or not. The US can tell Putin: if you want, we can help; if you do not want to, we can guarantee you will find yourself even in a worse situation," Volker said.

The last contact between the leaders of the Normandy Quartet was held on July 24. In August, Minsk hosted talks at the level of political advisers, where First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadym Prystaiko represented Ukraine.
The last time the leaders of the Normandy Quartet met was in the fall of 2016. The meeting yielded no major results.

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