US State Department approves sale of another batch of Javelin anti-tank systems to Ukraine

Ukraine may receive a new batch of portable anti-tank Javelin missile systems. This decision was made by the US State Department, reports the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

The Department has decided to sell one hundred fifty Javelin missiles and related equipment for $39.3 million. Ukrainian authorities requested to buy 150 Javelin missiles and ten Command Launch Units (CLUs), report the DSCA.

The Agency added that "the proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region."

Earlier, Bloomberg sources reported that the US State Department approved the sale of 150 missiles and two Javelin launchers. According to the Agency's interlocutors, the sale of the missile systems is not included in the military aid of $250 million.

The last time the US supplied Ukraine with Javelin systems in the Spring of 2018. Then Kyiv has received 37 CLUs and more than 200 missiles. Kurt Volker, who held the post of the US Special Representative for Ukraine at the time, explained this decision by the fact that Russia refused to take measures to end the military conflict in the Donbas. The former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that after Ukraine received Javelin systems, tank attacks in the Donbas stopped.

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