US senate to change its policy on providing Ukraine with weapons

The US administration is coming close to changing its policy on supplying Ukraine with defensive weaponry, said Republican Senator Jim Inhofe during a hearing of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services devoted to approving the new US Defense Ministry officials, Voice of America reports.

“Under the previous presidential administration, the US did not plan to send Ukraine defensive weapons, but now this is changing,” Inhofe said while addressing John Rood, a candidate for the position of deputy on US Defense Ministry policy.
Rood in turn noted that he supports the idea of providing Ukraine with defensive weaponry.

“I believe that it’s important to support Ukraine in the face of Russia’s aggression. Last fall I visited Kyiv as part of a US trade delegation, and had the opportunity to meet with the President of Ukraine, Defense Minister, National Defense Advisor and others. I understood for myself that the Ukrainians are waging a difficult battle against the Russians, who violated the sovereignty of Ukraine. I think that it’s important to send President Putin and others the signal that we are willing to support the Ukrainians in this matter. Because I am convinced that President Putin sometimes thinks that the West is showing weakness,” Rood emphasized.

Yesterday Congress ratified the US defense budget with $350 million for Ukraine.

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