US promises to help Ukraine prepare for possible gas transit shutdown in 2020

In an interview with an Interfax-Ukraine News Agency, the Counselor for Economic Affairs in US Embassy in Kyiv John Paul Schutte said that the US is ready to help Ukraine prepare for a possible gas transit shutdown in 2020 by the Russian Federation.

"Ukraine should be prepared in case Russia shuts down gas transit through Ukraine in 2020, as it threatens to do. The United States is ready to help Ukraine prepare for this. Ukrainian companies should take measures to purchase and store gas for the winter," Schutte said

He also noted favorably several necessary reforms that were made in the energy sector of the country.

"Thanks to corporate governance reforms and the partial introduction of market forces, Ukrainian company Naftogaz is now the major contributor to the budget of the country. However, further reforms are needed to ensure real competition, increase transparency, reduce oligarchic power, and increase efficiency in the energy sector," said Schutte.

At the same time, he stressed that the United States and other donors are ready to support the Ukrainian government in its efforts.

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