US gives Ukraine counter-battery radars

An official handover ceremony was been held in the Ukrainian village of Divychky in which the US government gave two modern AN/TPQ-30 counter-battery radars to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced on 20 May.

Lieutenant Colonel Todd Gough of the US Army handed over the ownership certificates for the counter-battery systems. He remarked that, by giving modern weaponry to the Ukrainian military, the US government and nation is demonstrating its desire to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“These counter-battery stations are part of the US security assistance, costing more than $1.1 billion. The US will continue to assist Ukraine, since we are committed to the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of your country. Furthermore, we will help Ukraine to develop its defensive institutions,” Gough promised.

According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, since 2014 the US has handed over 13 modern counter-battery systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

AN/TPQ-36 class radars are the most modern counter-battery systems, designed to detect and destroy artillery. The same radars are used by the US army. The systems are designed to determine the coordinates of enemy mortars, artillery weapons and multiple launch rocket systems.

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