US ambassador urges Ukrainians to vote

In a video message published on the website of the US Embassy to Ukraine, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch urged Ukrainians to vote in Ukraine’s upcoming presidential elections on 31 March.

“The US supports the Ukrainian nation in anticipation of the free, fair and safe elections that will take place in Ukraine next week, and we call on the Ukrainian government, civil society and all citizens to make their contribution to Ukrainian democracy,” Yovanovitch said.

The American diplomat stressed that democracy only works when citizens actively participate in it.

“Do you know where you will be in a week? If you are not yet planning to vote in the elections, I urge you to do it. Democracy only works with the active participation of citizens. And elections are how we determine who will be our leader, and we tell them what we expect from their actions,” she exhorted.

Ukraine will hold presidential elections on 31 March.

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