US Ambassador to Ukraine: Zelensky’s team blames Poroshenko for consequences of war in Donbas

Former US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker hinted to the Office of the President of Ukraine that they should abandon the idea of prosecuting former president Petro Poroshenko.

This was learned from the testimony which US Chargé d’Affaires in Kyiv William Taylor gave to Congress, a survey of which was published by Evropeiska Pravda.

Taylor spoke of a meeting that he and Volker had with President Zelensky’s advisor Andriy Yermak and freelance advisor Ihor Novikov.

“Ambassador Volker hinted to Yermak and this other Ukrainian, his surname was Novikov, that it would be good not to prosecute ex-president Poroshenko. You see, there were indications and even actions which demonstrated that Zelensky’s team intended to prosecute Poroshenko for a variety of things, for example for the incident at the Kerch Strait. They blamed President Poroshenko for the military decisions that he made at the time,” Taylor said.

According to Taylor, Yermak and Novikov then took out their cellphones and showed them photographs of their relatives, a brother and a cousin, who had been killed or wounded in the Donbas.

“They showed this to Kurt and me, saying: Poroshenko is responsible for this. On an emotional level, they have a profound anger toward Poroshenko. It’s one of the things that motivated the attacks and court cases against Poroshenko, but not the only thing. There were others too. The oligarch Kolomoyskyi, whom I mentioned earlier, also has a grudge against Poroshenko,” the ambassador said.

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