United States promises Ukraine more weapons in the event of Russian invasion

The US will provide Ukraine with more military equipment and weapons if Russia launches a full-scale military offensive, said US Charge d'affaires in Ukraine Christine Queen in an interview with Suspilne TV channel.

Queen noted that military assistance will also be sent to NATO allies in Eastern Europe.

"If Russia takes unacceptable action against Ukraine, we will also supply Ukraine with more equipment and weapons. Finally, we will ensure that our NATO allies bordering Ukraine are fully strengthened."

At the same time, the diplomat added that, these will be defense weapons.

Queen also recalled that, in the event of a Russian full-scale offensive on Ukraine, the United States and European countries have prepared a package of "extremely tough" economic sanctions.

US senators approved the draft US defense budget for 2022 in the amount of $ 778 billion, which includes $ 300 million of military assistance to Ukraine.

According to media reports, Ukraine has asked the United States for Patriot air defense systems.

Prior to this, the Ukrainian authorities appealed to the US administration with a request to send to Ukraine American weapons that were intended for Afghanistan before the Taliban seized power there.

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