Unidentified fighter jets attack Syrian targets near Russia's largest air base

Syrian television reported that the town of Jableh, located just one kilometer from Russia's Khmeimim military airbase, had been hit by rocket fire coming from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. Several air-to-surface missiles were reportedly fired in the direction of the Russian military airfield.

"The Syrian Arab Republic's air defense systems in the west of the country were activated the night before. Syrian television reported that unidentified forces had struck in the vicinity of Jableh, located in Latakia province. Russian Khmeimim airbase is located in the Latakia province. Jableh is located very close to where the Russian forces are stationed. Particular attention is drawn to the fact that the missile strike was carried out, according to Syrian sources, from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. This information has been confirmed by the Syrian Army. There is no data on exactly how the missiles were fired. According to some reports, we are talking about warplanes, which attacked the facilities of the country's government forces. It has not been reported if the Syrian air defense managed to intercept  the enemy's missiles,"  writes the Russian news outlet “The Military Review”.

Initially, the sources specified that the attack was carried out by fighter jets, which fired missiles from a distance of several hundred kilometers. The warplanes werereportedly out of reach of Russian and Syrian air defense systems because they flew at an ultra-low altitude.

This is not the first such missile attack which forced Russia to strengthen security measures in the airbase.

About a day ago, a missile attack on the Russian Khmeimim military airbase was also carried out from the direction of the city of Jisr al-Shughour.

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