Ukroboronprom: more than fifty planes and helicopters were provided to Ukrainian Army in 2018

Press service of the Ukrainian stated-owned arms manufacture and exporter, Ukroboronprom, reported that the Ukrainian army had received about 50 repaired and modernized aircraft and helicopters from its 16 subsidiaries.

The army received Su-27 and MiG-29 fighter aicraft, Su-25 close support planes, Su-24 bombers, AN-26 and IL-76 transport planes, L-39 trainers and Mi-24, Mi-14 and Mi-8 helicopters.
The Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant carried out work on the upgrade of MiG-29 fighters to MiG-29MU1 equipped with a powerful radar station and an integrated satellite navigation system. The aircraft can perform joint missions with NATO forces. Odessa Aviation Plant and Chuhuiv Aviation Repair Plant modernized and upgraded the L-39 training aircraft.
Zaporizhia State Aircraft Repair Plant MiGremont modernized the Su-27 and Su-271M. New radar, navigation controls, and recording and processing on-board parameters were installed as part of the upgrade. Su-25 attack aircraft were upgraded to the M1K, which includes major upgrade and installation of additional equipment: digital sights instead of analog, new control techniques and recording flight data, a modernized radio station and Adros defense system.
Odesa Aviation Plant, together with the NARP from Mykolaiv, began to conduct a deep modernization of Su-24 reconnaissance aircraft, which will expand its capabilities. Helicopters were modernized in the Konotop Aviakon, where the Mi-8MTP is built, designed for conducting electronic warfare.  

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