Ukrainian Security Service discloses details of explosion on the Crimean Bridge in autumn of 2022

The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Vasyl Malyuk, revealed in an interview with the Ukrainian news portal New Voice, how his special service orchestrated an explosion on the Crimean Bridge in October 2022. Malyuk stated that only he and two trusted employees were involved in devising and executing the plan. Multiple operation options were initially considered, including utilizing the railway portion of the bridge. Ultimately, the decision was made to employ a truck laden with explosives, according to the SBU chief.

To transport the explosives to the bridge without being detected by customs scanners, the SBU decided to encase them in cellophane film. This clever maneuver made the rolls of film appear as ordinary cargo. A container filled with these film-wrapped rolls was secured, and the cumulative weight in TNT equivalent totaled 21 tons.

Although Malyuk did not disclose the specifics of how the explosives were transported from Ukraine to the bridge, he claimed that the entire operation was the sole achievement of the SBU. Additionally, Malyuk boasted that his special service successfully neutralized Russian Electronic Warfare systems that interfere with GPS sensors. This allowed the truck carrying the explosives to detonate in the middle of the bridge.

Malyuk expressed the immense challenges they encountered and enlisted numerous personnel, likening their efforts to venturing through the seven circles of hell. He revealed that the Russians apprehended 22 individuals and imprisoned them, falsely accusing them of being complicit in the terrorist act. In reality, these individuals were ordinary Russian smugglers going about their daily activities, Malyuk asserted.

Furthermore, in August, Vasyl Malyuk disclosed information regarding a second attack on the Crimean Bridge, which Ukrainian forces executed on July 17, 2023. He specifically mentioned the utilization of a Ukrainian drone called Sea Baby, which was filled with 850 kilograms of explosives for the strike on the bridge.

The head of the SBU referred to this unmanned aircraft as the culmination of months-long development efforts that commenced immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The SBU provided video footage of the attack on the Crimean Bridge, including a recording from the drone operator's screen, to CNN.

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