Ukrainian Security Service attacks Russian airfield in Kursk using kamikaze drones

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reportedly carried out an attack on an airfield in Kursk, Russia, on the night of August 27, according to sources from the SBU who spoke to RBC-Ukraine.

The SBU's military counterintelligence conducted the attack, using kamikaze drones to target four Su-30 aircraft and one MiG-29 at the Kursk airfield. Two Pantsir air defense systems and the radars of the S-300 system were also hit.

Preliminary information suggests that most of the SBU drones successfully reached their targets, with only three of them being shot down by Russian air defense systems.

The SBU stated, "Given that even the Russians themselves recorded at least 13 explosions, it can be inferred that the damage was significant. The exact consequences of the strikes, as well as the number of casualties and injuries, will be determined in the near future."

The operation was successfully carried out by military counterintelligence officers from the 13th Main Department of the SBU.

Explosions were heard in Kursk during the night, with local residents reporting hearing automatic gunfire. Video footage capturing a bright flash in the night sky during the explosion was later shared online.

The Governor of the Kursk region confirmed the attempted drone attack, stating that one drone allegedly hit a multi-story building.

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