Ukrainian Prime Minister proposes to connect Baltic and Black seas

Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk, during his speech at the Yalta European Strategy conference (YES), proposed to connect the Baltic and Black seas. According to Honcharuk, Ukraine has already started discussions on several ambitious infrastructure projects. "We need to try to build and connect the Baltic and Black seas by water. It is possible, " he said.

Honcharuk added that to implement the project, Kyiv needs to agree with Poland and Belarus on 40 waterways. "It is important to build constructive relations to agree on this project," said Ukrainian Prime Minister, noting that this process has already started.

Consultations on the possibility of connecting the Baltic and Black seas by water have been going on for several years between Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland. Poland is interested in the project the most because most works will be carried out on its territory, reports Sputnik Belarus news outlet. According to the publication, only for the Polish part of the waterway , the cost can amount to €12 billion, and the length of the entire route can exceed 2 thousand km.

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