Ukrainian power grid to become part of European energy system in 2023

Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk said on the Segodnya TV program that the Ukrainian power grid might become part of the European energy system in 2023.

"The necessary documents have already been signed. We need to work on this task. We hope that the unification of Ukrainian and European grids will happen already in 2023. This will enable us, including our nuclear generation, even to export electricity, and gain profits. In fact, the problem of export from Belarus is greatly exaggerated. Frankly speaking, there are not very large volumes," said Ukrainian Prime Minister.

He stressed that to join the European power grid, it will be necessary to disconnect from the Russian and Belarusian networks, but "this historic decision has already been made."

The import of electricity from Russia began in October after the deputies allowed Ukrainian consumers to buy imported electricity under bilateral agreements. According to Zelensky's representative in Ukrainian government Andriy Gerus, that decision was taken to allow import from Belarus.

On December 4, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada banned the import of electricity from Russia under bilateral and consumer agreements. Two hundred seventy-four deputies voted for these amendments to the law on the electricity market.

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