Ukrainian pilots are close to finishing F-16 training, Air Force spokesman reports

Ukrainian pilots' preparations to operate F-16 fighter jets are ongoing, said Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Ilya Yevlash during a news broadcast.

"We already have pilots who are finishing their training on F-16s," he stated.

Yevlash noted that once it becomes possible, the jets will arrive in Ukraine, with pilots ready to undertake combat missions. He further added that to defend its airspace and repel enemy attacks, Ukraine requires not just a handful but dozens of such fighters. According to him, these aircraft can destroy small-size targets, including cruise missiles.

On May 7, Yevlash explained that the training of Ukrainian pilots involves three stages. The first stage is learning the language and undergoing ground training. This is followed by an intermediate stage, which includes flight training on light aircraft. The third and final stage involves direct training on the multirole F-16 aircraft.

On May 6, it was reported that Russian officials had started to threaten Ukraine over the delivery of F-16 fighters. They warned that the arrival of these jets would be considered as an introduction of nuclear weapons carriers.

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