Ukrainian officials note reduced Russian attacks on Avdiivka

Russian forces have reduced the number of ground and air attacks on Avdiivka, according to Ukrainian officials. Avdiivka is considered the gateway to Donetsk, the capital of the occupied Donetsk region.

The Ukrainian military spokesperson noted a decrease in the number of ground assaults and airstrikes. Previously home to around 32,000 people, Avdiivka currently has only about 1,500 residents who have survived over a month of Russian attacks.

"Russian occupation forces have reduced the number of ground and air attacks, although they still violate the rules of war by targeting medical brigades and evacuation vehicles," said Alexander Stupun, an official representative of the Ukrainian military, on national television. However, according to Stupun, the Russians have not abandoned their plans to encircle Avdiivka.

Today, according to Stupun, eight Russian attacks have been repelled. Vitaliy Barabash, the head of the Avdiivka military administration, reported ongoing fighting in the industrial area of the city, where Ukrainian forces continue to hold their positions.

The battles for the nearby town of Mariinka have also intensified. In Russian reports, Avdiivka is rarely mentioned, instead Russian media is focusing on populated areas to the south of the city. Ukrainian military officials have stated that the number of Russian attacks on nearby Mariinka has increased. 

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