Ukrainian military command denies claims Russian forces captured Lastochkyne

On the evening of February 24, analysts from DeepState reported that the Russian Armed Forces allegedly captured Lastochkyne in the Donetsk region. However, Dmutro Likhovy, a representative of the Ukrainian Joint Group of Forces Tavria, said in a comment to Ukrayinska Pravda that fighting for the town is still ongoing.

"In the Avdiivka direction, the Ukrainian defense forces have withdrawn to the western outskirts of Lastochkyne and have taken pre-prepared defensive positions," said Dmytro Likhovy.

According to him, intense fighting is now taking place, with the Russians constantly attacking the positions of Ukrainian troops using guided aerial bombs, artillery, and FPV drones.

On February 24th, DeepState reported that Russian military forces had allegedly taken control of Lastochkyne in the Donetsk region. Additionally, analysts reported that the Russians are pressing on Sieverne and Orlivka.

On February 23, Julian Röpcke, an analyst from BILD, claimed that the Russian Armed Forces had not broken through the Ukrainian defenses near Avdiivka in the Donetsk region. Despite capturing the town, the Russians were attempting to continue their offensive westward to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk region, though with no significant results, he noted.

On February 20th, DeepState analysts reported that Ukrainian fighters had destroyed a convoy of Russian armor and repelled an assault in the area around Lastochkyne in the Donetsk region. 

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