Ukrainian Forces thwart Russian offensive's push to capture Toretsk

The Russian troops persistently attack in the Toretsk front, deploying considerable resources to capture the town, said Ukrainian Armed Forces serviceman Yevhenii Ievlev in an interview with Channel 24.

According to Ievlev, this direction is a priority for the Russian army. "The enemy, realizing the difficulties of a direct move against us, had a tactical plan: from Ochretino to reach the Kostyantynivka–Pokrovsk highway, to break through Chasiv Yar, close the ring, and encircle our troop grouping," Ievlev explained.

However, Ukrainian forces are repelling Russian attacks towards Chasiv Yar and Pokrovsk. Due to their lack of significant success, the Russians are now trying to "probe" the front. "The Russians identified Toretsk as a vulnerable spot, resulting in some challenges for us. They probed it with combat actions, found a weak point, and entrenched themselves there," Ievlev added.

Earlier, Nazar Voloshyn, spokesperson for the tactical group of troops "Khortytsa", remarked that the Russian army continues its active combat operations, aiming to destroy all infrastructure in Toretsk and the community.

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