Ukrainian Forces continue their advance in Kherson region

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing in many directions in the Kherson region. The Ukrainian Operational Command Kakhovka reports that the first line of Russian defense has been broken.

In the video published by the Operational Command, one of the Russian soldiers complains that the Ukrainian Armed Forces broke through the first line of defense and strike the Russian positions from tanks, artillery and aircraft.

"The 109th regiment of the DPR withdrew from its positions in the Kherson region. The Russian paratroopers, who were supporting them, fled from the battlefield," the Ukrainian military said.

"The situation in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson region is extremely difficult. The great and mighty HIMARS destroyed almost all major bridges (Antonovsky and Kakhovka bridges). Only pedestrian crossing is still possible. The Russian army was cut off from the supply of weapons and personnel from the territory of the Crimea. For Ukraine, this is a brilliant chance to regain its territories, " the Ukrainian Operational Command Kakhovka  said.

The representative of the Operational command of the Ukrainian Land Forces Nataliya Gumenyuk told the news website that in fact the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian military started a long time ago. The task of the Ukrainian troops was to exhaust the enemy's units and prevent them from advancing further from their positions.

Gumenyuk confirmed that the first line of the Russian defense had been broken. She did not provide any further details regarding the directions of the offensive.

According to the speaker of the Odesa Regional Administration Serhiy Bratchuk, a machinery plant is on fire in the occupied Beryslav in theKherson region, which has been used by Russian troops as a military base. A command post of the Russian forces near the North Crimean Canal was also reportedly hit by Ukrainian military. In addition, a Russian train delivering ammunition was reportedly destroyed in the village of Havrylivka, near Beryslav.

The head of the Beryslav district administration, Vladimir Litvinov, confirmed to the Suspilne TV channel, that Russian positions in the territory of the machine-building plant in Beryslav were hit. He said there was a big fire there now.

The town of Beryslav is located on the right bank of the Dnieper River. The nearest bridge across the river at the Novo-Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station can no longer be used for car traffic.

"An evacuation of all employees has been announced in Nova Kakhovka. People are going to shelters," Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

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