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  • Intensified clashes in Kherson region: Russian forces shift focus to Krynky, reports Ukrainian military

    The Russian army has shifted its pressure vector considerably. In particular, numerous attacks on Ukrainian forces were recorded in the Krynky area of the Kherson region over the past 24 hours, reported Dmytro Pletenchuk, chief of the Strategic Communications Center of the Southern Defense Forces, during an appearance on Espresso TV.

    "There has been massive pressure on Krynky, and it has been growing for the second consecutive day. Yesterday there were 15 assaults, the day before there were 11, …

  • Ukrainian Forces reportedly expand bridgehead on the left bank of Dnipro river

    In the village of Krynky in the Kherson region, the Ukrainian Forces have reportedly expanded their bridgehead advancing westward from the village, reported the Russian war blogger Romanov.

    "The enemy [Ukrainian Forces] has made progress in the western part of the local area," wrote Romanov. A day later, he published a map showing that the Ukrainian Forces had moved approximately 300 meters to the west.

    His statement provoked controversy within the pro-Russian community, with some …

  • Southern Operational Command Speaker: Ukrainian forces make progress in Kherson region despite challenges

    Speaker of the Southern Operational Command Nataliya Gumenyuk, during a briefing, commented on the progress made by Ukrainian forces on the east bank of the Kherson region.

    "We can state today that our efforts are yielding results. We have expanded our bridgeheads, but we must realize that the front line is very fluid," underlined Gumenyuk.

    She also noted that there are many Russian units on the east bank of the Dnipro River, which are better fortified than the Ukrainian defenders. "They have …

  • Russian Colonel Arman Ospanov killed in Ukrainian artillery strike in Kherson region

    Colonel Arman Ospanov, the head of the armored service within the Russian airborne troops, was killed in Ukraine's Kherson region, report Russian Telegram channels.

    It is noted that Ospanov, a close comrade of the commander of Russia's airborne forces, Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, was killed in a Ukrainian artillery strike.

    On January 6, Colonel Ospanov had arrived to inspect the positions of the 104th airborne assault division of the Russian Federation, located near the village of …

  • Kyiv: Russia seeks answers to downing of three Su-34 aircraft in Kherson region

    Russia is now trying to gather intelligence on what caused the downing of three of their Su-34 aircraft, said the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuri Ignat, on the national news broadcast.

    "The enemy is trying to gather as much information as possible. Collecting information in the southern regions where the Russian fighters were shot down. It is clear that they are looking for the means by which those planes were sent to their 'eternal flight'," he noted.

    According to Ignat, as a …

  • Russian war bloggers call for withdrawal from Kherson region after Ukraine downs three Su-34s

    Three Su-34 fighter-bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces were destroyed in the Kherson region, along with news of the imminent delivery of F-16s to Ukraine, causing panic among Russian war bloggers. The  Russian Telegram Channel "Airborne troops for for Honesty and Justice", which is affiliated with the officers from the Dnieper group of the Russian armed forces, is demanding an immediate "goodwill gesture" on the Southern front.

    The channel confirmed the news about three Russian Su-34s …

  • Ukrainian Forces press forward on Kherson front, pose growing challenge for Russian troops

    Russian war bloggers report on the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) on the Kherson front. According to the Telegram channel Dozor, Ukrainian army units have taken positions on Velykyi Potomkin Island.

    At the same time, Ukrainian military expert Alexander Kovalenko reports that the Russian military command has still not found an optimal solution to the problem of the left bank, where UAF control is expanding their foothold. Furthermore, successful actions of the Ukrainian Army are …

  • Ex-Aidar Battalion Commander: Ukrainian troops nearing key Crimea-Melitopol road

    Former commander of the Aidar Battalion, Yevhen Dikyy, said in an interview with Radio NV that Ukrainian troops on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region are approaching the road connecting Crimea with Melitopol. "Their main logistic artery, the road connecting Crimea with Melitopol, is under serious threat. Our guys are getting closer to it. This is causing a quiet yet obvious panic among the occupiers," Dikyy said.

    On November 17, the Ukrainian marine infantry officially …

  • Ukrainian Forces secure strategic footholds across the Dnipro river, cut off key road in Kherson region

    As of the morning of November 24, the Ukrainian army was able to establish three bridgeheads on the left-bank of the Dnipro river in the Kherson region, according to the Russian Telegram channel "Airborne Troops for Honesty and Justice". The first two bridgeheads are located in the area of the Antonov Bridge - a road and a railway bridgehead, while the third one was established by Ukrainian troops in the autumn of 2023 near the village of Krynky, east of Kherson. "The units of the Naval …

  • Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces push Russian troops back on Dnipro river's left bank

    Ukrainian Armed Forces have pushed back Russian troops by several kilometers on the left bank of the Dnieper river, preventing mortar shelling from reaching the right bank, said Natalia Gumenyuk, head of the Joint Media Center of the Ukrainian  Defense Forces  South.

    According to Gumenyuk, the Ukrainian Forces have pushed back Russian troops by distances ranging from 3 to 8 kilometers "depending on the specific geography and landscape of the left bank." She added, "Already, their mortar units …