Ukrainian Defense Minister: Russia’s borders will be closed in a week as Putin is preparing for a new round of mobilization

Ukrainian Defense Minister Okelsii Reznikov warned Russians that the Kremlin is preparing for a new round of mobilization and plans to close the country's borders in a week.

"On the eve of the new year, I appeal to the citizens of Russia who are liable for military service. First, this applies to residents of large Russian cities. I know for a fact that you have about one week left while you still have at least some choice. In early January, the Russian authorities will close the borders for men, then declare martial law and begin another round of mobilization. The borders will also be closed in Belarus," Reznikov said in a video message.

He noted that he does ask Russians to take his word for it, but asks a question: "When you go to war, where you can die or become crippled for life, what exactly are you fighting for?"

Reznikov also criticized the "plan" of the Russian military, which for 10 months has claimed that everything is going "according to plan."

"According to this 'plan', tens of thousands of prisoners are recruited to a private military company in the penitentiaries. The owner of this company is allowed to wipe his feet on the regular Russian military. And ordinary people are thrown into prisons for "discrediting the army," he emphasized.

Reznikov added that according to this plan, the Russians have been unsuccessfully storming the small Ukrainian city of Bakhmut for six months, losing tens of thousands of soldiers there.

Also, according to the Russian "plan", Sweden and Finland are completing their accession to NATO, although a year ago these countries wanted to remain neutral.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Minister, the Russian leadership has long realized that the idea of a war against Ukraine turned out to be a catastrophe for them and it is in Russia's interests to end this war as soon as possible.

"Those people who unleashed the carnage. Those who committed horrific war crimes are now telling you to unite and protect Russia. Because there are enemies all around. They try to scare you with the fact that in the event of a defeat, all Russians will be massacred, all the hard-earned property will be taken away, there will be a tribunal and so on. That's a lie. You are being deceived again," Reznikov said.

According to Reznikov, Russian officials want to protect themselves and their position and wealth.

"They can say that there is some kind of 'plan B'. Some secret weapon. That victories will soon begin again. But their whole plan is to prolong the war. To kill as many people as possible and drive the situation into a dead end. You're going to go to die just for the sake of it. Now I will speak not as minister of defense, but as a lawyer. All Citizens of Russia, of course, will indirectly pay for the unleashed war. Because of the current leadership, several generations of Russians will have to compensate for the damage caused to Ukraine," Reznikov added.

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