Ukrainian court invites Yanukovych to make a final statement at his trial

The Obolonsky District Court of Kyiv invited former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to a meeting on October 12 to make the last statement at his trial.

One of the paid lawyers of Yanukovych, Alexander Goroshinsky, told the court that the former president wants to make the last statement in court, but only via video communication. Judge Vladislav Devyatko noted that court summons Yanukovych to the meeting, on the same terms "that were specified in the court's decisions prior (to his request)".

He added that the court repeatedly summoned Yanukovych to participate in the court hearings, both through the public publications as well as letters by post to all known addresses of his possible residence, including ones in Russia.

The investigation accuses Viktor Yanukovych of high treason, complicity in waging an aggressive war and an infringement upon Ukraine’s territorial integrity and inviolability, causing deaths or other grave consequences. The district court of Kyiv is working on this case.

The prosecutor's office requests to sentence the ex-president to 15 years in prison.

Yanukovych left Ukraine in February 2014. Currently, the former president is hiding abroad.

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