Ukrainian border guards poisoned by emissions in Crimea

Border guards working close to the Crimean Titan factory have been poisoned, reported Oleh Slobodyan, spokesman for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS), in a broadcast of 112 Ukraine.

The SBGS staff who serve at the border crossing in the Kherson province, close to the Crimean Titan plant, have begun to complain of lightheadedness, nausea and headaches, following reports of an ecological catastrophe in Crimea.

“After the relevant medical consultations and medication, these symptoms could be eliminated. Such persons are substituted at work, given an opportunity to rest, and closely examined,” Slobodyan said.

Slobodyan also clarified that the emissions in Crimea do not constitute a threat to Ukrainian citizens who live close to the occupied peninsula, since the prevailing wind blows towards Crimea.

The SBGS announced that it is willing to assist Crimeans who want to enter Ukrainian territory in order to escape the misfortune.

On the night of August 23, an unidentified substance was emitted into the air in Armyansk, Crimea. Locals later started to complain of health issues and equipment malfunctions, due to the corrosion of metal parts and an unexplained greasy film on all surfaces.

Initially the Crimean occupation authorities said that the incident was caused by hot weather and the prolonged lack of rain.

Later, Crimean “Prime Minister” Sergey Aksenov announced that operations at the Crimean Titan factory would suspended for two weeks, and that children were being evacuated from the vicinity.

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