Ukrainian becomes the only state language of Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted the law "on ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language". 278 members of Ukrainian parliament voted in favor of this decision.

According to UNIAN, from now on, the top leadership of the country, all judges, prosecutors, employees of the National Bank of Ukraine, as well as officials, are obliged to speak only in Ukrainian while performing official duties. The military, teachers and doctors are also required by law to use the Ukrainian language at work.

The deputies also obliged all digital and print media that broadcasts in other languages to have a Ukrainian language version. From now on, foreigners applying for the citizenship of Ukraine will also have to know the national language of the country.

The law does not apply to private communications and religious ceremonies.

Ukraine envisaged administrative liability for violation of the state language law as well as criminal liability in cases of “public humiliation and disregard for the state language”. Violators will face a fine of up to 50 minimum salaries or arrest for six months to three years period.

  Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada