Ukrainian Armed Forces liberate small village in Donbas

Ukrainian military liberated the small village of Vilny in the Luhansk region that was controlled by pro-Russian militants, reported TSN news program on Friday, September 21. The Ukrainian military didn’t suffer any losses during the operation.  

For almost three day before the operation, Ukrainian reconnaissance group collected the information on the enemy positions in the areas. The village was captured after only thirty minutes of fighting.

The military carried out the operation with zero casualties, bringing the front-line northeast of the village of Zolote closer to the Ukrainian border in the Donbas. About 80 people live in the village. The military claimed that the pro-Russian militants used the residents as human shields.

In another related report, two Ukrainian soldiers were injured in the zone of the Joint Forces Operation on September 21. It was also reported that the OSCE special monitoring mission noted a decline in hostilities in the Donbas.

  Ukraine, Joint Forces Operation, Luhansk