Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S.: Ukraine negotiating with Washington on supply of defensive weapons

Ukraine is negotiating with the United States of America on the supply of defensive weapons, stated the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Valeriy Chaly during an interview with Radio Liberty.

“Yesterday there was a discussion. High-level experts of the United States suggested talking about defensive weapons. Anti-tank weapons, anti-mine weapons, communication equipment, anti-ballistic radar,” said Chaly.

According to him, in the near future, Ukraine expects to include the issue of defense weapons in the legislature, with specific details about what types of supplies. In addition, the ambassador announced the shipment of some American equipment to Ukraine.

“We need not only the equipment itself, such as Humvees. Now a large supply of new vehicles, including medical ones, is planned. All of this helps to save lives, helps to stop aggression. It is absolutely not directed at offensive operations,” Chaly said.

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