Ukrainian ambassador: Russia is waging an information war against Ukraine in the US

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly said that the systemic use of information war elements against Ukraine was extended in the United States.

 “There have been again several attempts of fraud in different states of the US. We have recorded attempts of reaching governors to organize provocations (they were promptly stopped by us),” the head of the diplomatic mission wrote on his Facebook page.

Valeriy Chaly said that the anti-Ukrainian activities take place in big and small cities.

 “The attackers take advantage of the credulity typical of Americans. The last example was the failed (professionally exposed) attempt to reach the mayor of San Francisco and the conversation with the mayor of Sevastopol (California) of the fake ambassador of Ukraine, which, unfortunately, did take place,” said the ambassador.

Chaly believes that Russia is responsible for these provocations.

 “We understand your goals and the scale of the resources involved. We know that you are not going to stop this systemic attack. That is why we will work more actively in the United States and will protect the national interests of our country, strengthening the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the US,” the ambassador addressed to the organizers of the information attacks.

At the beginning of November, Valeriy Chaly, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States of America, was targeted by massive attack by prankers who phoned politicians on his behalf.

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