Ukrainian 3rd Separate Assault Brigade encircled in Avdiivka section, deputy commander reports

Soldiers of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade have been encircled in one of the sections in Avdiivka, said the brigade's deputy commander Rodion Kudryashov.

"For more than 12 days, the soldiers of the 3rd SA Brigade have been holding a line of responsibility in the midst of the city of Avdiivka, undertaking raiding and striking operations to expand the logistical corridor and the zone of responsibility of Ukraine's Armed Forces. Regarding maneuvers – there are certain stages of these actions. We are forced to retreat from positions because they are simply leveled. Our soldiers are moving to more advantageous positions. Also, in some cases, we see no point in retaining specific positions within the city and move to different ones to offer more effective resistance," he explained.

Kudryashov added that one of the positions held by the 3rd SA Brigade is fully encircled, but the Ukrainian Forces have the capability to break through this encirclement with assault actions.

Speaking about the Russian troops capturing the fortified area "Zenith," Kudryashov noted that the event primarily has a psychological impact on the Russian army, serving as "propaganda about the successful operations of the Russian Federation."

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