Ukraine to ask NATO for air defense systems to counter Russia's missile attacks

Ukraine will ask NATO member states for air defense systems which are capable of countering Russian missile attacks. This will be discussed at the ministerial meeting of the Alliance, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Kuleba said that Ukraine was invited to take part in the NATO ministerial meeting, which will be devoted to the threats associated with Russian aggression. Kuleba will take part in it via a video link.

Kuleba stressed that he would ask allies to provide Ukraine with new air defense systems capable of repelling missile and other air attacks by Russia. Stinger and Strela man-portable anti-aircraft systems that Ukraine currently has are not capable to counter Russian missile attacks.

"We need to talk not only about closing the sky, but also about systematic and serious support for the air defense of Ukraine, that is, about the supplies of serious heavy air defense weapons. It is one thing when the Stinger and other MANPADS are delivered to us, but we need a much more serious air defense, and we are actively working on this," Kuleba said.

Kuleba said he was not sure what the outcome of this request would be, and he did not want to encourage or disappoint anyone before agreements are reached.

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