Ukraine tests new air defense missile system

The Ukrainian scientific-production company, Radionix, and state-run Luch Design Bureau, both of which are part of the Oboronprom military industrial concern, have conducted test missile launches from the upgraded S-125M Pechora surface-to-air defense system, according to a Facebook statement published by Luch.

The tests were run with an upgraded 5V27D-М2 missile equipped with a dynamic radar self-guidance module. According to the statement, “on the first segment of the route after the launch the missile moves in an air-ballistic trajectory, which allows it to considerably extend the engagement range.”

The engagement range of the missile exceeds 40 km, while the maximum intercept altitude is 25 km.

The S-125 surface-to-air system was fielded a long time ago in 1961, then upgraded to S-125M in 1970. The Russian Army discontinued using the system in the 1990s.

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