Ukraine submits application to take part in Nord Stream 2 certification

The Ukrainian national gas pipelines operator Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (Gas TSO of Ukraine) filed an application for participation in the certification of Nord stream – 2, said the company’s general director Sergiy Makogon, stressing that the Russian gas pipeline threatens Ukraine’s national security.

The company said in a press release that Nord Stream 2 is not aimed at diversifying gas transportation routes. Moreover, the new pipe threatens the security of the gas supply to the EU.

Makogon stressed that the new gas pipeline is aimed at displacing Ukraine from the European gas market. Thus, there will be no alternative in the EU, since there will be only two pipelines delivering gas to Europe Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2.

One of the directors of Gas TSO of Ukraine, Olga Belkova, said that the launch of Nord Stream 2, which will be fully controlled by the Russian gas giant Gazprom, will negatively affect Ukraine’s gas transit system.

The Polish company PGNiG and its German subsidiary PGNiG Supply & Trading GmbH are already taking part in the certification of Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Russia said that it does not plan to increase gas supplies to the EU until the Nord Stream 2 is launched.

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