Ukraine secures contract with Germany’s Rheinmetall for leopard 1 tanks and support vehicles

The Ukrainian government has signed a contract with the German company Rheinmetall for the delivery of Leopard 1 tanks, according to Rheinmetall’s press service.
It is specified that a total of 32 armored vehicles will be supplied, including 25 main battle tanks Leopard 1A5, five recovery vehicles (Bergepanzer 2), and two training tanks for drivers.
"The order, financed by the German government and valued in the upper double-digit million euro range, also includes training, logistics, spare parts, technical support, and other auxiliary services", the statement said.
Deliveries are scheduled to take place in 2024. Currently, Leopard 1 tanks are undergoing major repairs at Rheinmetall factories in Unterlüß and Kassel.
"Rheinmetall continues to support Ukraine with regular supplies of tactical vehicles. Previously, it was tasked with supplying a total of 80 Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. The majority of them are already in the country, where they have proven their resilience in current operations", the company reported.
Rheinmetall also stated that it is ready to deliver an additional 20 Marder IFVs as soon as it receives the corresponding order.

At the end of 2023 or early 2024, Ukraine will also receive five Caracal vehicles. Additionally, as per the requests of the Netherlands and Denmark governments, the company will supply Ukraine with 14 Leopard 2A4 tanks next year. Apart from equipment, Rheinmetall is assisting the Ukrainian armed forces with ammunition and other resources," the conglomerate summarized.

Earlier, it was revealed that Germany has transferred ten Leopard 1A5 tanks to Ukraine. The new defense package includes various other equipment.

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