Ukraine’s Armed Forces adopt Yatran system for detecting enemy vessels

The Yatran sonar system, designed to detect enemy ships and submarines, has been adopted into the armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The relevant decree was signed by Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak based on the positive results of state testing, the state-owned defense concern UkrOboronProm announced on its website.

The Yatran system consists of special sonar buoys with extremely sensitive acoustic sensors and a digital information processing center.

The system is designed to combine information from multiple passively operating sonar buoys that are absolutely invisible to the enemy. This makes it possible to monitor the movement of hostile ships and submarines and to transmit their coordinates for targeting purposes.

“Another characteristic of the Yatran buoys is that they can be dropped from helicopters. This makes it possible to create a network of sensors in the shortest possible time, which will completely cover large waters and see a full picture of the location and movement of all enemy ships,” the report states.

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