Ukraine's agricultural exports reach record high

In 2018, Ukrainian agrarian exports grew by 880 million dollars compared to 2017 and set a new record of 18.8 billion dollars, stated RBC Ukraine, citing the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

As the press service noted, exports of crop products increased by 762 million dollars up to 17.4 billion dollars. Their net value increased by 118 million dollars up to 1.4 billion dollars. Last year, the lion's share of Ukrainian agrarian exports was formed by crops at 38.4% of the total, with oils being 23.3% and oilseeds making up 10.2%.

According to the Ministry, in 2018, the largest buyers of Ukrainian agrarian and food products were India with 1.8 billion dollars’ worth of agricultural products, China with 1.2 billion dollars, the Netherlands with 1.2 billion dollars, Spain with 1.04 billion dollars and Egypt with 888 million dollars.

According to the State Statistics Service, in 2018, Ukraine produced 7.8% more agricultural products than last year. This was the largest level of growth in five years.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine, in November 2018, the export growth of food products accelerated to 27.2% year over year, setting a historical record at 2.1 billion dollars and ensuring almost 53% of all export of products from Ukraine.

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