Ukraine's agricultural exports to the EU grow by a third

Exports of Ukrainian agricultural products to European countries between January and June 2017 reached (US)$2.774 billion, the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy announced on August 3.

Compared to the same period last year, exports increased by 31.4%, or $663.4 million.

"Today, the EU countries are consistently ranked second in the regional structure of our agricultural exports. Their share accounted for 34.9%, based on the results of the first half of 2017. Total foreign trade turnover between Ukraine and the EU countries also increased by 24.1%, or $739.3 million, compared to the same period in 2016, and totaled $3.8 billion. This is the concrete result of the FTA Agreement between Ukraine and the EU," commented Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine for European Integration,

According to the Deputy Minister, the supply volume of the following products to the EU increased over the first six months of the current year: corn, soybeans, seed meal, sunflower oil, meat and poultry food by-products, margarine products, malt extract, flour products, cereals, barley, bakery and confectionery products, nuts, and honey.

"Deliveries of niche and processed value-added products to European markets, such as butter, legume dried vegetables, chocolate, canned tomatoes, etc., also increased noticeably. Among the leading importers were the Netherlands, with a 17.6% share in total EU exports; Spain, with 17%; Italy, with 13.5%; Poland, with 12.1%; France, with 6.8%; Germany, with 6.7%; Great Britain, with 3.8%; Portugal, with 3.3%; Belgium, with 3%; and Hungary, with 2.1%," the Deputy Minister stressed.

Growth rates of agrarian products supply compared to the same period of the previous year:

Corn: +$344.1 million (54.3%);
Soybeans: +$98.1 million (330%);
Seed meal: +$37.7 million (18.5%);
Sunflower oil: +$36.4 million (5.3%);
Meat and edible poultry by-products: +$27.8 million (94.4%);
Margarine products: +$18.7 million (1300%);
Malt extract, flour products, and groats: +$12.2 million (7,870%);
Barley: +$9.1 million dollars (260%);
Bakery and confectionery products: +$9.1 million (97.5%);
Fruits and nuts (raw, cooked, or frozen): +$8 million (70.7%);
Honey - +$6.9 million (30.6%);
Butter: +$5.3 million (106,480%);
Dried beans/legumes: +$2.4 million (86%);
Chocolate: +$2.2 million  (24%);
Canned tomatoes: +$2.1 million (12.1%).

It was reported earlier that the export of dairy products from Ukraine between January and June 2017 amounted to 117.2 million dollars, or 76.6% more than during the same period last year.

In June, the European Parliament supported a proposal by the European Commission to increase tariff quotas on a number of goods from Ukraine.

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