Ukraine prepares sanctions against builders of the Crimean Bridge

The Ukrainian Government prepared the draft regulation on the application of sanctions against those involved in the construction of the Crimean Bridge.

The Cabinets of Ministers will send to the National Security and Defense Council for consideration the list of organizations to be subjected to the restrictions, as stated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons. The government plans to introduce sanctions against nineteen Russian entities.

The Ministry claimed that the construction of the Crimean Bridge was illegal and that those companies involved in the construction of the bridge are “in one way or another” involved in the large infrastructure objects related to the Crimea, the Ministry stressed.

Only five of the nineteen Russian companies subjected to sanctions were mentioned in the statement: Stroygazmontazh and PJSC Mostotrest, companies owned by Arkady Rotenberg, SGM Most, a subsidiary of Stroygazmontazh, AO Institute Giprostroymost in Saint-Petersburg, and Portgidrobut.

Stroygazmontazh is a general contractor for the construction of the Crimean Bridge working for Uprdor Taman, the Federal State Institution Management of Federal Roads in the Taman region. The representative of the latter, Alina Chernoivanova told RBC that the decision of Ukrainian authorities “will in no way affect the implementation of the project.”

SGM Most managed the bridge project, and the AO Institute Giprostroymost was a designer. PJSC Mostotrest was a subcontractor of the construction.

At the end of July, it was reported that there would also be individuals who would be subjected to sanctions, but they were not mentioned in the new statement of the Ukrainian Ministry.

Sanctions against six companies involved in the construction of the Bridge were imposed by the European Union. They included Mototrest, Stroygazmontazh, SGM-Most, Giprostroymost and Zaliv Shipbuilding Yard and the contractor of the construction of Tavrida road, CJSC VAD.

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova called the EU actions subversive. According to her, they are aimed “against the Crimean citizens.”

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