Ukraine considers imposing criminal penalties for promoting ‘Russian World’ ideology

A group of deputies from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine headed by Oleksandr Shevchenko registered a Parliament bill proposing criminal prosecution for promoting the idealogy of “Russian World”.

As stated in an explanatory note attached to the draft bill, “current Ukrainian legislation prohibits only communist and national socialist ideologies, not taking into account the promotion of the ideas of “Russian World,” which aim at destruction of Ukrainian independence.”

In connection with this, the deputies propose to put into law the concept of “Russian World” and determine what statements can be considered propaganda. It is planned to include ideas such as the justification of “Russian aggression” against Ukraine, the spread of the idea of the unification of the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian people, the spread of the idea that the Russian or Slavic civilization is self-sufficient and unique, as well as praising Russia’s leaders and promoting the idea that the Russian Orthodox Church has an “exclusive status.”

Deputies of the Rada propose to punish such actions by imprisonment for up to five years with or without confiscation of property. Representatives of the authorities will receive stricter punishment, five to ten years in prison. The same punishment is planned to be established for persons who promote the idea of “Russian World” in social media and internet publications.

In addition, the bill proposes not to allow registration of presidential or deputy candidates, if they promote the pro-Russian ideology or have ties to the political forces promoting such ideology.


  Russia, Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada