Ukraine makes history by destroying Russian missile ship before it is put into service

Ukraine has made history by destroying an Russian missile ship, the Askold, before it could be put into service. The ship was set to join the Russian Black Sea Fleet in December, as reported by Defense Express analysts.

Although the ship remains afloat, it has suffered critical damage to vital components and will need to be reconstructed entirely.

According to experts, the missiles targeted the central area of the Askold corvette, where eight vertical launch systems for Kalibr or Onyx cruise missiles were situated.

"This successful strike effectively dismantled the ship's primary weapon system. Additionally, based on the extent of external damage, it is likely that a significant portion of the ship's bridge control equipment will need to be replaced," the report reads.

The Askold is a small missile ship from the 22800 Karakurt project, capable of carrying up to eight Kalibr missiles. Neutralizing a vessel like this is of utmost importance for Ukraine's security.

Previously, it was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces targeted the missile ship Askold during a missile strike on Kerch. Based on the published images, the ship sustained irreparable damage, making its restoration highly improbable.

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